VitArt.Gallery is the home of the mobile sculpture "Fractus" – essentially, the Universe embodied. "Fractus" is an innovative art form conceived by Vita Solzberg. Conceptually, it mirrors the essence of the Universe. This art form's fractal structure firmly roots it in both Northern and Eastern European folk culture and the cutting-edge scientific Theory of Dynamic Chaos. As a tangible creation, it serves as a platform for the artist's experiments with various mediums, colors, forms, and tactile sensations.

We also proudly showcase the works of fine-art photographers David Solzberg, Miroslav Adamtchik, Phil Bearz, and Polina Rihter.  

Most exhibited items are available for purchase at the VitArt.Shop. Also, smaller art pieces of defferent media, Fractus' merch and unique souvenirs are available there for your ​​satisfaction. 

Current fine-art photography virtual expositions:

Art of Fine-Food Photography.
by David Solzberg

David Solzberg is a professional photographer specializing in food and produce. His award winning Solzberg Studio serves with the high quality photographs and design hundreds of farms, produce maker, restaurants, bars and food marketer in California and nationwide for more than 30 years. This exhibition presents the best of the Golden California harvesting - juicy and colorful success.

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